martha stewart kitchen furniture

Martha Stewart Kitchen Furniture – Martha Stewart Astronomy Poseidon Rug 5'6 x 8'6 – Oval Steel Trash Cans-SOLD

Martha Stewart Kitchen Furniture

    martha stewart

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martha stewart kitchen furniture – Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart Astronomy Poseidon Rug 5'6 x 8'6
Martha Stewart Astronomy Poseidon Rug 5'6 x 8'6
The simple yet striking pattern of Astronomy explores the geometric sunburst motif so popular in mid 20th century textiles and wall coverings. Updated in 100 percent cotton for today’s interiors, this design is achieved with a slight tonal shift of a single color. Made in China, this rug is especially beautiful for a bedroom or modern interior. Features a background color of Poseidon with Teal accents.

89% (>18)

Oval Steel Trash Cans-SOLD

Oval Steel Trash Cans-SOLD
Simple Human steel trash cans. Clean and in good condition.

$17 each or 2 for $30

almost there…

almost there...
slowly getting organized…just put the prints up above my desk.

its been a long time since I’ve felt like the space I’m in is 100% me. there’s something about this good old house that has brought me back to what I’ve always loved. this room is a good reflection of that, my typeset full of childhood treasures, my love for black furniture, wool, my wise little fern animal keeping watch, warm wood, school, and, most of all, good old sherlock holmes.

martha stewart kitchen furniture

Martha Stewart Craft Deer Family Window Cling
Use for decorating doors and windows. Item has frosted white image on clear vinyl and it clings to glass without adhesive.